Vital Pharma Nordic

What we do

Vital Pharma Nordic is dedicated to identifying and marketing products which satisfies an unmet medical need 

Products and pipeline

Vital Pharma Nordic’s team is driven by the ambitions to identify products which satisfies unmet medical needs. Our product selection and sales are based on improving compliance for the patients or health care professionals – this focus is the foundation of our success. 

Vital Pharma Nordic has a solid pipeline of products that will be successively launched the coming Years. Our first product was launched in 2018 and by 2024 more than 20 products will be sold throughout the region and beyond.

Products are either in-licensed, developed in collaboration with partners or acquired. Several products have international potential and will be outlicensed or divested as the product development progresses. 

Our products are carefully selected, fulfilling 3 criteria:

  • A strong unmet GAP in the market with optimized compliance for patients or health care professionals
  • An attractive value proposition for the entire value chain
  • Selection of a reputed licensing or development partner

Within our organization we have the key functions and competencies to manage and enhance the value of our portfolio. Other competences such as, product formulation/development, laboratory, regulatory, QA, PV etc. are either handled by trusted partners or other specialized suppliers.